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Star Wars: The last Jedi writer and director, Ryan Johnson, may eventually collaborate with David Benioff and D.B. Weiss is the trilogy they will make in the Old Republic.

Disney CEO Bob Iger confirmed that the Star Wars movie released in 2022 will become the host of the game show of power. There are no official updates about Johnson's trilogy, although there are rumors that it has been cancelled again. However, the specific news is still uncertain, and many fans who are expecting movies will go to play games, so the sales of SWTOR Credits have risen sharply.

Although his trilogy may not be on the table, his time in distant galaxies may be far from complete. recommends that Johnson guide the trio's trilogy. After all, Weiss and Benioff, who have a limited but epic director's resume, are currently preparing to write and produce these films.

The latest rumors show that all three upcoming Star Wars movies in the history of Disney movies will be Weiss and Benioff. Because Disney is tired of the box office failure of the Solo: Star Wars story, they are unlikely to squeeze into other movies. The theory is that they will alternate between two trilogy.

However, if the Trilogy of the Old Republic will be eliminated first, then this will mean that Johnson's trilogy will not be put into production for five years. However, the filmmaker did say that he will return to another Star Wars project after his upcoming release of the movie "Knives Out" in November. This was after the first appearance of the rumor about the cancellation of his trilogy. This may be a hint of possible cooperation, or something has changed since he commented. In addition, in the Star Wars the Old Republic game, players must deal with new challenges to get more SWTOR Credits Buy.

The above websites did point out that when the Star Wars trilogy was first published, it was said that they were not connected to each other. They may mean the plot, but they may also extend to the relevant personnel. But there is no confirmation yet, so we can only wait and see.
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