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The Player Profile is the absolute first thing you'll see when you tap on a player's name, and this is essentially your ground zero for most things player-related. You'll see their essential data, which incorporates, however isn't restricted to their name, position, age, esteem, and pay, just as their individual appraisals in different properties, going from 1 (poor) to 20 (great). You'll additionally observe their jobs over their properties — talking about every individual job is a subject that warrants a different guide without anyone else, so we wouldn't really expound into this piece of the Player Profile for the interim. What we will get to in a later tip, be that as it may, is the Morale area; this is situated on the lower right of the profile, together with a player's Condition (how solid they are), Form (their rating in their last five amusements), and Average Rating.

Player Personal is somewhat of a profound plunge into what is most important to a player, as it doesn't simply demonstrate their confidence, yet in addition their identity, favored club (the club they want to play for as a matter of course), and supported individual (somebody whom they incline toward as a colleague or director). You'll likewise check whether a player has a second nationality, which could enable them to on the other hand meet all requirements for a second national group other than that of their nation of origin.

Player Positions is truly clear — it demonstrates to you the positions a player could, or couldn't be put in, in light of how skilled they are playing them. Green alludes to a player's optimal position, yellow alludes to one which they could play ably, however not especially well, red alludes to one where they aren't exactly acceptable. We wouldn't generally prescribe giving much consideration to the Player Contract and Player Match Eligibility sub-menus, as the essential contract data is in the profile, while you'll know immediately by taking a gander at your first group whether somebody is ineligible to play because of wounds or bans (suspensions).
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