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Is the love doll a sex toy?

What is a lifelike sex dolls for the moment? Is it just a kind of "luxury masturbation" or a very special sex toy, or is it a realization that a person can't realize it deeply? This issue has been of concern for about 20 years since we sold such dolls in the form we know today.

Love dolls are of course mainly for people to make their sexual desires better and better in a special way. Real Doll looks very similar to humans, unlike all kinds of masturbation, it basically gives a "complete package." Most masturbation, such as Boogina Lustmuschi after imitation, is basically just a erotic sexual organ, as is the case with dildo. They stimulate men's genitals, and the rest is imaginary or other extra stimuli, such as ongoing pornography or various images or situations in which certain sexual situations are unveiled.

Of course, silicone dolls can do the same, even if it is basically a combination of multiple masturbators. She has a vagina, and the anal passage can even be used for oral sex with certain models. In addition, there are other body parts that can satisfy the possible fetishes, such as the size of the big breasts or feet. It all gave love dolls.

But it is more than just a collection of erotic body parts. Calling her will not do her justice. Instead, it is a pornographic work that is produced in a lot of hard work, human working hours and complex production processes. Most importantly, pay attention to all forms and variants of the mannequin as close as possible. There are hundreds of models in uloversdoll alone that can mimic any human expression. There are "girls next door", beautiful "student types" or "chubby love dolls". All of this is not in vain for the world of love dolls.


I think that love dolls should imitate humans. It makes people want to have sex with a perfect partner who is visually exactly what they want in bed, maybe outside the bed. These dolls don't fit my "Lusxus masturbation", but they are too beautiful and too detailed, they have too many forms and can only reduce them.

Especially in the past 10 to 15 years, it has become clearer that dolls play a more important role outside the bed. Many people associate dolls with things in life, live in love relationships, and build partnerships with people in life - and fantasy and abstraction - and they extend the dream of a perfect companion to bed. Then the love doll becomes a partner in daily life. In the lonely time, it becomes a loyal ally, even an affectionate partner, and becomes a good friend and love help in daily life.

My point is that real dolls can of course be used as sex toys, but they are more than just sex toys. A few years ago, uloversdoll sent a questionnaire at the forum whether the word tpe dolls or doll should be used for this lifelike doll. Most people choose "couples", and I think that is the same for most people. She is a lifelike doll, someone can make love, but also love her.

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