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Cosplay makes the ambiguous relation between the fictional and actual explicit. It is especially interesting as a fan practice within spaces between the player and the character, the actual and the fictional. Cosplay does not just fictionalize everyday life and give it an aesthetic dimension; it also shows how the fictional shapes the actual. Ultimately, cosplay is a vital example of how identity is constructed. Fans construct their own identity by associating themselves with fictional characters and embodying them. Cosplay emphasizes that the self not only narrates fiction but is partly fictional as well. It is through interaction with stories that we can imagine and perform ourselves.

To some, cosplaying is a hobby. To others, cosplaying is a lifestyle. Whether you have participated in cosplay or not, cosplay has become prevalent in today’s society. Ample time and labour is spent on creating these costumes, in order for individuals to participate in events that allow them to embody their favourite characters. To the uninformed, cosplay is the same as dressing up as a witch for Halloween. But for those who practice the art, cosplay is more than just dressing up – it is fully immersing oneself as a character and performing in front of hundreds of fans. is great for its high-quality cosplay costumes and perfect customer service. You can order your favorite costume that custom made in your body figures from them. It could fit perfectly. Their category is wide. You could find every popular character that you would like to cosplay. Their customer service is excellent. Once you have a request, they have a response. The prices are decently cheap when compared to other online stores and the site is much more professional looking than a lot of other places.You can just enjoy shopping because there is buyer protection against fraud for you on the website.

We strive to provide you excellent customer service, and we will do as much as we can to enhance your shopping experience. Should you have any questions, remarks or advices, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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