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Love it! Yes, 182% is usually a little have less life for HC I mention Jewels with Minion Damage/Player Life rather then To Dust supplying you with 245% at max rolls. Swapping out Vulnerability for POE Currency Enfeeble is and a hardcore option mentioned.
We in addition have Eldritch Battery(EB) for Mana and Mind Over Matter(MOM) which can be a combo 30% Extra Life and A substantial 2.5k+ Mana Pool to Spam from.
Summon Stone Golem, and a few nodes from the tree provide us with life regen as it truly is our primary life pool. If you feel in this way isn't enough 1 Point gets you Zealots Oath Keystone swapping all Life Regen to ES regen or just one flask hit on The Sorrow in the Divine offers you Zealots Oath and Consecrated Ground for 6% Extra Life Regen for the time which switches back to Life Regen which I prefer.
+ Only indeed required Unique is often a sword.
+ Offensive/Defensive Curses.
+ Pure Physical Damage (No Mitigation)
+ Easy to utilize.
+ Doesn't Screen Spam (Easy about the FPS)
+ Pretty Cheap just have two Mid-Tier Uniques
+ Strong minions.
+ Works well SOLO and Partied.
- Have an essence craft movement speed on Gear.
- Have to get level 38 to utilize Queen's Escape & 65 for The Dancing Duo.
- Chaos Damage Bypasses Energy Shield.
- AOE Spells are Scary.
- Not Top Tier Clear Speed.
- Curses employ a smaller radius than Auras
- She Doesn't Do Direct Damage.
- Hybrid
Creator: MrKasor
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