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Persistent Venous Insufficiency, known by its phrase as IVC, is the failure of the blood vessels to perform the sufficient return of blood to the heart, which creates the heart to gather in the legs, generating various symptoms and issues.

Can venous insufficiency be cured?

The capillaries and arteries play a fundamental role in the proper functioning of our blood circulation system, given that they are in charge of transferring blood from the heart to the entire body in 2 directions: from the organ to the various parts of the organism -arteries-, as well as the opposite -veins The walls of the capillaries have tiny shutoffs that open up and close, as well as offer to aid manage the pressure as well as circulation of blood, facilitating its appropriate return to the heart.


leg vein problems


The valves that is existing in the wall surfaces of the blood vessels. They only have a unidirectional higher movement towards the heart, which allows the flow.

The capillaries of the lower extremities lie in between the muscles, consequently, with each step we take, there is a muscular contraction that presses the blood vessels and also enables the higher flow of blood. Also examine Compression hose for varicose veins.

Signs of venous insufficiency

There are numerous aspects that can influence and also be component in the look of this problem.

Causes of venous insufficiency:-.

Age and also hereditary elements - Throughout the years, the elastic lining of the blood vessels begins to damage, raising the possibility that the blood vessels will certainly expand. Likewise, the genetic aspect influences the look of venous lack directly. In fact, it is among the illness that is most acquired.

The pregnancy - The hormones quality of this state cause the dilation of the capillaries. It is a needed process that adds to more blood reaching the uterus with the nutrients and also oxygen needed for the fetus to expand, however which, however, can likewise help with the development of CVI and also the appearance of varicose capillaries. On top of that, the womb, when expanding, presses the drain veins of the hips, which impedes the draining of blood from the legs as well as likewise creates the capillaries to dilate. Weight gain and also decreased physical activity additionally affect this stage. Therefore, concerning 40% of expectant women experience varicose capillaries as well as various other symptoms of CVI. Nevertheless, these problems may vanish after delivery, since the variables that triggered them stop. Hormonal changes venous illness is extra constant in females due to hormone influence. Furthermore, the hormonal agents formerly pointed out in pregnancy are likewise located in birth control pills, so that their consumption can raise venous leaks in the structure as well as its expansion. In these cases, clinical security is required.

The obese - Too much body weight raises the pressure in the veins of the legs and also exacerbates their condition, which causes a raised risk of developing CVI and also linked difficulties. The inactive life as well as absence of workout. A sedentary lifestyle or lack of exercise directly affects, given that representing a very long time enhances the pressure in the veins.

The work-related side - In job activities in which lots of hours are spent standing or sitting, or involving numerous long journeys in other words periods, the placements taken with the legs as well as stability impede correct blood flow, which can develop into circulatory problems such as the IVC. It is thought about, then, that the people who work in these problems are danger teams, because they are particularly inclined to create CVI issues.

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