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Rocket League currently enjoys cross-platform play, though players on different platforms can't party up and queue into matches together. Cross-platform parties were announced as part of Rocket League Items Rocket League's Summer Roadmap back in May, and the feature was set to be released in August.

Later, Psyonix delayed the release to September, "pending first-party certification".As September comes to a close with no release date in sight, it's no secret that Sony is a main reason for the feature's delays.

A chart from Rocket League Support's FAQ section illuminates Sony's reluctance to connect: every platform can currently play with each other except for Playstation, who can only play against PC players.Once your adjustment for the Rocket League keys will be accepted and verified, again your adjustment will be anon candy and delivered to your Rocket League annual as quick as accessible aural a abbreviate aeon of time.

However, Sony's blog post suggested that Fortnite isn't the only title that could soon enjoy cross-platform features. They acknowledge that for some games, "cross-platform experiences add significant value to players."

Surely if partying up and sharing progress on multiple platforms enhances the Fortnite experience, Rocket League would enjoy the same boost. At the moment, owning two copies of Rocket League makes sense only to have a console copy to play locally with friends.

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