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Stellite Alloy 12 electrode is mainly suitable for high temperature and high pressure valves, serrations, screw pushers, etc., and the hardness of the surfacing layer is up to HRC47. Specifications: 2.7mm, 3.2mm, 4.0mm, 4.8mm Length 1000mm, No. 12 stellite alloy electrode has good coverage, beautiful appearance, excellent high temperature wear resistance, heat resistance and corrosion resistance. When using, depending on the type of base metal and the size of the workpiece, it is possible to select a preheating temperature of 350-500 ° C and an inter-layer temperature of 350 ° C for surfacing. According to the working conditions, generally choose 600-750 ° C, after 1-2 hours of heat preservation, slowly cool with the furnace, or slowly place the workpiece in a dry and preheated sand tank or grass ash.
Stellite Alloy Blade cast rod, stellite alloy wire with a diameter of 2.8-8.0mm cobalt-based alloy, uniform composition, no segregation, less impurity content, smooth surface, small diameter tolerance, length can be freely selected, suitable for oxyacetylene Welding and tungsten argon arc welding process.

The argon arc welding Stellite Alloy 3 casting rod is made of argon gas, and the welding wire selection component is the same as or similar to the base material.

Welding with high temperature generated by electric arc is a common welding technique. However, the metal to be welded at high temperature is also easily oxidized rapidly, which greatly affects the quality of welding. Common welding electrodes are flux wrapped around the wire. The flux is to produce a very stable gas nitrogen at high temperature, to dissipate the air, to protect the solder joint from oxidation. In recent years, the argon arc welding is carried out by connecting a stable argon gas bottle to the argon gas. Argon is very stable and can protect the solder joints from oxidation.
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