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“We planned for making it RuneScape, we needed to do it your personal way, we’ve seen live performances on this thing, but let’s undertake it RuneScape style, and hopefully we achieved that,” continued Lord.
With RuneScape itself spanning 17 years, creating music to RuneScape Gold your game has shifted dramatically. What initially began as effortless MIDI tunes tied to just 8 tracks, they now take above the ability to produce use of virtual instruments and Digital Audio Workspaces (including Cubase) to recreate any sound they wish, they also has used some pretty interesting instruments inside past, joining together a unique volume of things, from ude’s to bouzouki’s.
“In my team, they can use what they need. People have their particular favorites, we've a guy who uses Reaper, Cubase, that kind of thing, whatever RuneScape Mobile Gold people are happy with, it’s just a tool to for creativity,” explains Lord.
RuneFest 2018: Bringing RuneScape to Life with Music - n3rdabl3
RuneFest 2018 at Farnborough International Exhibition and Conference Centre – David Portass/iEventMedia
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