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Jagex has now announced the impending arrival using the quest Sliske’s Endgame, a quest that can bring a three-and-a-half year quest line to your epic conclusion and hang up up a brand-new story for 2017.
Set to look at a “cataclysmic conclusion” on RuneScape Gold your pretty Cheap RS Gold lengthy quest line, Sliske’s Endgame is going to be big. This epic battle inside the gods doesn't only bring things with an end, however it’ll also kickstart a fresh storyline in 2017 and beyond.
Sliske’s Endgame is a whole new grandmaster quest that’ll see RuneScape’s surviving gods battle to govern the Stone of Jas. The quest uses a pretty intense RuneScape Mobile Gold for Sale story with multiple endings, as both versions based on players’ actions inside quest line in the past three-and-a-half years. It’ll be replayable inside coming weeks, though the outcome through your first play through are invariably legend.
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