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“I’ve for ages been a massive fan pc game’s music from your Spectrum onwards,” said Taylor. “I’ve always sort of been into games and certain soundtracks such as the Final Fantasy series, Monkey Island stuff, the LucasArts stuff, it’s been a big influence, along with RuneScape Gold hopefully a nutritious mix of electronic music plus a bit of anything else, this can be just personally the stuff I’m referring to, I’m a major fan of synthesizers and sounds, sound design and that form of stuff also, is often a big motivator behind stuff, therefore we’ve got some of those themes yet not all RuneScape Mobile Gold the tunes we write is lower the line, it’s a listen in that way, but obviously being for just a game it might be any sort of texture or emotion, a almost feeling, it could be weird, quirky or whatever, hopefully it’s sort of a more substantial picture, it’s not only one form of music.”
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