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One of the concerns of men, especially those who stay in shape thanks to the sport, is that sometimes, they do not get their effort noticed despite the hours spent in hard workouts, because of the fat.

Localized accumulations of fat, and often small or moderate, but which hide muscular work, especially in the abdominal and pectoral region. These men are in luck, because there is a surgical technique adapted to their needs.

The Liposculpture Houston in men has the big advantage, also representing the thickness and elasticity of your skin, superior to women and that usually is not too flaccid or knurled, or has of course, to endure changes the produced by pregnancies. So, at the same age and physical condition, your result after abdominal liposuction will be better than that of many women.

The Liposculpture Houston TX idea, with which we perform these interventions in these cases, is not so much to reduce large volumes, but to define and profile the muscles, especially in abdominals, upper and lower, flanks, back and pectorals.

The aspiration of fat in different planes with fine cannulas and with different intensity allows Liposculpture vs Liposuction to adapt to the muscular contour, and thus expose the "six pack" or abdominal tablet, define the pectorals, narrow the waist, profile the psoas and obliques. The best candidates Liposuction For Men are those with moderate fat volumes, since they will have a better adaptation of the skin.

In Liposuction Before And After scars are minimal and controllable postoperative discomfort. After the intervention, an abdominal band will facilitate skin adaptation and recovery. And although you will have to give up the gym for a month, the results will be worth it.

The Liposuction Houston TX technique can be used in women athletes, who have not had pregnancies, to improve their abdomen.

After undergoing this body surgery, of course, Liposuction Near Me will be important to continue with the exercise routine and balanced diet, so that the results stay the same as the first day.

Now also get rid of localized fat thanks to the laser Liposuction Houston technique, less invasive, less painful and with better recovery than traditional liposuction.

Molding the figure of man

Liposculpture Houston consists in the extraction of subcutaneous fat accumulations from any part of the body by means of very thin cannulae. The most common areas in which liposuction are performed in males are the abdomen, flanks, jowls and chest with fat gynecomastia.

It is not frequent, but usually there are cases of fat accumulation in the hips (cartridge belts), giving a ginoid or feminine aspect to the sufferer.

Basically, the technique of liposuction is the same as that done in men or women, but, since it basically involves shaping the figure; there are obvious differences of criteria that must be respected when this intervention is performed in men.

It is usually carried out either as a method of reducing the volume of the areas mentioned, or as a way to define the shapes thereof.

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