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Madden NFL Overdrive Coins could possibly be getting able to announce a brand new football game a lot more than 20 years after the discharge of Joe Montana Football for your Sega Genesis.

The hall of fame quarterback from your San Francisco 49ers posted the above mentioned image to his official Twitter account in addition to hashtags saying “you’ve waited long enough” and “Joe Montana Football .”The image might be a promotion for that Legends of Candlestick, a flag football game happening in San Francisco today staring Montana as well as other retired NFL players, however the uniform and also the image itself are inconsistent with all the rest from the marketing for that event.

It’s been hard otherwise impossible to contest with Electronic Arts’ Madden games since 20, in the event the publisher secured an upmarket licensing deal while using NFL make use of its teams and players.If whatever Montana is teasing is at fact a whole new game, it might have to work around that limitation unless it turned out being constructed with EA. The company, incidentally, also developed an original Joe Montana Football game for Sega.

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