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Varicose veins are otherwise called leg veins. However, varicose veins may occur elsewhere also. Most commonly it is seen as occurring on the superficial veins of the legs and hence the name leg veins. This problem most often occurs when the person stands for long and the veins in the legs are subject to a large amount of pressure. This condition is painful and sometimes itchy too. Many a time the veins even ulcerate.

Leg Vein Problems – Appearance point of view

Many who have varicose veins are often ashamed of the appearance of their legs. This sometimes causes low self-esteem issues and in such cases, the best option is to opt for vein therapy. There are different types of vein therapy that will help you to get rid of varicose veins. In your best interests, it is important to obtain the green signal from consulting specialist before embarking on any form of vein therapy.

How to Cure Leg Vein Problems
Given below are some methods that can be used to treat varicose veins pain:

• Though many creams claim to treat the leg vein problems effectively, they are not very effective. Creams and lotions will mask the veins and make them look less prominent. They may have to be applied many times over even to see the slightest difference. Creams work to make the skin over the veins stronger and this makes the veins appear less prominent. However, these are not permanent solutions.

• Affected patients can undergo specific types of massages for the legs that help to shrink the sizes of the veins. Essentially, laser treatment also helps to shrink the veins so that they are not noticeable.

• Some of the more effective methods are to wear compression stockings and keeping the feet raised as advised by a vein doctor. This helps the blood to flow back from the legs to the upper body.

• Another method to treat leg vein problems is by undergoing sclerotherapy. It works when the vein doctor injects a sclerosing solution to irritate the vein and close it down. This treatment is most effective when the person is afflicted with spider veins (or clusters of veins that appear like a spider’s web) or when the varicose veins are flat.

• Using the latest techniques, the doctors use ultrasound guidance where the ultrasound waves help to spot the sclerosed veins and make it easier for the doctors to administer the injection.

• Another modern method of treatment is to use radiofrequency ablation veins which is a minimally invasive form of treatment, Endovenous laser. The surgical method of treatment is slowly being replaced with these methods.

• This kind of treatment causes minimal harm because a major portion of the blood from the legs is returned back by the deeper veins inside the leg. The superficial veins which are the varicose veins can be ablated using a laser without any bad side effects. All said and done, this method can be carried out only if advised by the specialist doctor after due consultation and tests.
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