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Normally, the week following Madden NFL Mobile Coins Entertainment Expo is reasonably quiet. This year, though, saw a bombshell rock the action industry four days following E3 Media Business Summit closed shop. Goodbye Microsoft, hello EA Sports! GameSpot has confirmed that Peter Moore, corporate vice president while using entertainment and devices division of Microsoft's interactive entertainment business, is quitting. The announcement comes below 7 days after Moore hosted Microsoft's E3 press briefing.

It also comes slightly below fourteen days after he announced the extension on the Xbox 360's manufacturer's warranty to a few years. Prompted by rising reports of hardware defects that Moore had previously downplayed, the move certainly will cost Microsoft approximately $1.19 billion last quarter alone.The closeness from the 360's warranty extension and Moore's departure has raised some eyebrows, given his prior steadfast dismissals and evasions on any 360 hardware issues.

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