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Yesterday was one using the worst days on Madden Overdrive Coins in decades, with markets crashing as quickly as the US Congress voted down a $1900 billion rescue plan. UK-based newspaper The Daily Telegraph estimated corporate losses being worth just as much as being your entire economy of India, with all the Dow Jones industrial average shedding 19 points--the best one-day point drop rolling around in the history. Also pummeled was the NASDAQ average, where most game-related stocks are traded.

Though games are merely a small portion of its business, Xbox 360-maker Microsoft rallied also, regaining $1.68 (6.192 percent) to reach you at $26.69 because NASDAQ closing bell tolled. The day prior, this system giant's worth shrunk 8.192 percent, or $2.39 per share. Unfortunately, over in regards to the New York Stock Exchange, Sony Corp. posted a lesser $0.19 per share gain, barely denting the $1.65-per- share screw it down took concerning the corporate chin to the week's start.

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