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AFK – Away from Keyboard. This means the thing it says, those isn’t there. You’ll come upon this a lot once you trade in Path of Exile. There’s a mechanical response that lets people understand that you are AFK if they contact you. This will happen sometimes.

AoE – Area of Effect. Certain spells and attacks target a space instead of individual enemies. For example, Warcries only offer a buff for your allies if they’re close enough on the caster.

GG – Good Game. In today’s competitive titles, saying “gg” will be the equivalent of shaking hands while using other team after winning (or losing) a game title. In games like CS:GO and Dota, players sometimes write “gg” in talk to express frustration using teammates and/or report that the game is unwinnable. In Path of Exile, you’ll see “GG” being a response to players finding powerful items. The best merchandise is often referred to as “GG items.”

HP – Hit Points. The life that a character has. In Path of Exile, your HP can really be multiple forms, including life and shield. We’ll discuss these later.

IGN – In Game Name. This is a person’s username. In Path of Exile, this typically refers on the name of any specific character, not their account. (You can have

POE Currency multiple characters for a passing fancy account.)

RIP – Rest in Pieces. In Path of Exile, that is typically used when someone dies or loses a costly item.

WTS/WTB/WTT – Want To Sell, Want To Buy, Want To Trade. If you use the in-game trade channel, you’ll see these terms lots. These acronyms usually are followed by lists of mmoah things that the player is looking to get.
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