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The 2D 3D E-Learning ARPG mobile game "Fantasy Plan" assembled by Shanghai Morning Division's game publishing and patrolling games will open a billing test in December. The city of memories will just as before open its doors to welcome the guardians for the present world. We are. The guardians will endeavor a journey of guarding important memories together inside realm of memories around the Mongols and Soul Worker Dzenai gather together inside fantastical main city full of warm atmosphere.
【Sculpted Guardian Memories】
The fantasy plan produces a warm and relaxing main city. In the beautiful scenery for the main city, players will start to play interacting in conjunction with other guardians from different dimensions in many different places. They may start to have fun playing the natural scenery regarding the mountain top and spend leisure time using the seaside. Time might even come with interest and SoulWorker Dzenai dance with music. In this billing test, based regarding the original style within the main city along with all the interface, a radical deepening adjustment was developed to allow players to pay better time on the game.
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