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The Los Angeles lightning offensive player Forrest Lamp had another surgery on his right knee a month ago.

In the second round of draft picks last year,Lampe was hit by a torn anterior cruciate ligament in the right knee during the first week of training camp and had to miss the entire rookie season.

Lamper said at the end of last season that he was expected to Madden 18 Coins resume running and training with the team during the offseason training in April of this year,but he was not seen in the training after the offseason training began.

"Lamp lost a lot to us last year," Anthony Lynn,the lightning coach,told the media when he was attending the testing camp in February."The performance I observed in a week is enough to show that he can make a big contribution to the team for the rest of the season.He is now trying to return."

Lamp was considered the starting right guard for the new season lightning.But during the offseason Lightning had signed offense striker Michael Schofield for $2.5 million over two years,including a $2.5 million guaranteed income contract.The latter is currently training with the starting lineup as a right guard.

After receiving permission to resume training,Lampe will compete with Scofield for his starting position.
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