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Over the course of time, Brazil's canary yellow kit has become a symbol of not only the country, but soccer.
As Devlin writes in his book, "when it comes to colors that contain excellence and glamor in soccer, the yellow, green, blue and white palette - the colors of Brazil - is often the first to think."

Cesar Sampaio carrying the famous canary yellow Brazilian kit.
These were not always the colors of Brazil, but in 1953 competition was published in the contemporary newspaper Correio da Manha to create a new team that reflected Brazil's nationality - using the colors of its national flag. Green, representing the abundant fields and forests of the country, gold for the crude wealth of the country and the blue celestial globe representing the night sky over Brazil.
The t-shirt reminds the fans of some of the greatest players in the soccer - from Pele, Garrincha and Zico to Ronaldo, Ronaldinho and Neymar.

Brazil's forward, Ronaldo, donned the kit in 2002 -- as well as an unforgettable bad haircut.

England, 1966
What makes England's unique kit is that the team looks so comfortable in its traditional red shirt as they do in their first choice white, Devlin says.
"With England, it's almost double as a personality. They can still retain their identity - they are very happy they have that two kit approach," he added.
In 1966 the red kit entered folklore after England took it to win the World Cup against West Germany. It has influenced many English drawings since.

England was carrying its red kit to win the 1966 World Cup against West Germany.
"For England's fan to see the team defeating it in red, it can not help but be anchored firmly in the palette team," says Devlin.
"This is the success of this lacking ingredient, so if you succeed in the shirt that helps it become iconic and that has happened."
This year in Russia, England will take a similar design to that of 1966, again with the hope that success will start to get started.

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