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Has anyone made, like, a list of skills that are in need of dire reworking? Be it visually, thematically or mechanically?

Personally, my top few skills that need rework are:

1. Ice Spear. Not because it's necessarily bad, but because the niche it once filled - being the easy crit-cap skill - is filled by basically everything these days, which makes its lower damage harder to justify with the large crit chance boost, especially given that the best way to take advantage of high crit chance - crit multi - is paired on the tree with more than enough crit chance to take IS past the cap.

2. Double and Dual Strike. These sorta fit the Heavy Strike mold of just being kinda.... bland.

3. Ice Crash. Ice Crash is one of those skills that seems hard to make work without having it piss in Sweep, Earthquake, or Static Strike's cereal.

4. Counterattacks. Counterattacks were a neat idea, but due to the increasing number of supports required to get them to deal damage they've seen a pretty significant decline in recent years, being mostly relegated to setups for triggering secondary effects like EO.

5. Freeze Mine. Man, remember the short heyday when Freeze Mine was actually worth using?

6.Cold Snap. Cold Snap basically has the same problem Freeze Mine has, except Cold Snap trades the guaranteed freeze for some extra range. It's still pretty rough to use - the damage is low, the area's small, and the effect is hard to justify given that simply killing enemies is better in 99% of cases than trying to CC them with freeze/chill.

7) Devouring Totem. One of those skills lost to the ages, Devouring Totem is just..... hard to justify. Hell, it was hard to justify back in the old, slow days, even when corpses were plentiful, because it'd deactivate due to being too far from the player in order to be useful in a fight if you left it where you had your previous fight so it could eat corpses and help you out.

What Skills do you think needs to be updated? Just a remind, a easy way for you to gain poe orbs fast is to buy poe currency on U4GM.
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