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No kids, too much party (or too little) and still no man in sight: As a single woman you sometimes have the feeling that you have to apologize for everything - which is of course utter nonsense.

Photo from: brollopsklanningar
After several men's misery, you know exactly what qualities a man should bring - and what annoys you after five minutes.

If your friends bring a guy back to a party that is "so nice" and you "absolutely have to get to know them," you certainly will not have to apologize if it does not suit you.

There's nothing in your fridge except an old bottle of ketchup, a bottle of champagne and other alcoholic drinks?

Never mind - although you can never offer your friends something to eat, the best after-show parties will take place in your kitchen.

As a single, you enjoy looking after the most important person in your life - right, yourself! That's why dates with your hairdresser, masseuse and beautician are among the most important dates in the week.

Saturday night somehow lasted until Sunday morning? Yes, baby! If your couple friends get bored, that's no reason for you to go home early.

Likewise, you do not have to apologize for spending your weekend in your favorite jogging pants with you, your laptop and Netflix on the couch.
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