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I looked through my builds from last season and this season, and all of my builds are either Alira or Eramir. Is anyone facing the same "issue"? If you chose the other 2, what build was it for? Today we are sharing with Why Many People Choose Alira/Eramir for Bandit Rewards in PoE that we found on the POE forums:

1) So far only picked Alira/Eramir. The rest is rather underwhelming.

2) Think about it like this: would you spend those 2 extra points to path for the node with 1% regen and 2% physical mitigation? Considering that overregen is your main defensive mechanic, and there's very limited amount of it on the tree, I'd say it's totally worth it. Especially if you have some physical mitigation already, so those 2% worth even more. For some characters there's just not that many attractive options for passive allocation to get rid of Oak bonus.

For instance, this league I had a regular LLRF guardian with Watcher's Eye granting %phys as lightning under Purity. Combine that with Tukohama pant power, Oak bonus and whatever other physreduction you might stack (and don't forget 15K innate armour, or 50K if you go mana route + Vault helm), and it gets really nice and safe and warm and moist.

3) Kraityn on Scion Lightning Tendrils build, because it brings my Attack Dodge from 70% to 73% which is at that point negating about 10% of the hits that would have hit me if I didn't pick Kraityn.

4) The way things like phys reduction (also block and dodge) work, it benefits from increasing, rather than diminishing, returns. A flat 2 points of physical damage reduction isn't worth that much when you have 0% -- you went from taking 100 damage to taking 98; your net damage taken decreased by 2%. A flat 2 points of physical damage reduction when you have 50% already is worth twice as much: you go from taking 50 damage to taking 48; your net damage taken decreased by 4%.

Painted in the most logical extreme: going from 0% to 1% damage reduction reduces your damage taken by 1%; going from 99% to 100% damage reduction (an identical 1 point increase) reduces your damage taken by 100%.

Characters scaling flat physical damage reduction are by far the smartest choice to get more of it.

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