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So, I 39;m here to explain what I think the actual purpose and place DarkScape has in the world of RuneScape variants.DarkScape is meant to be a FIFA Mobile Coins bloodbath, the more you shelter low levels, the more the world will suffer. If you want DarkScape to be clan-oriented, stop sheltering the level 3 39;s on your own Jagex, and let clans protect them instead. If you protect them, you put in game mechanics that limit everyone, not just them. In the real world, we are protected by the military of our countries.

Take this military away and we quickly become bombarded with terrorists and militants. It should be the same way in DarkScape. So many of the problems with the economy come from balancing gameplay mechanics that cater toward runescape items for lone wolf players versus clan type or low-level players.So let 39;s cut to the chase here, what am I suggesting? A real gameplay. Everything from the borders of lumbridge and beyond, is High-Risk.

Wanna train in lumbridge in low-risk, that 39;s awesome, get your stats up and train with your friends, form a clan, or join one that 39;s already established, but when you cross that line you had better be ready, either a lone wolf level 138 or a big and organized group that is ready to defend themselves. With this, so many things are fixed. Skulling, who cares in High-Risk? It 39;s all High-Risk? Guards won 39;t attack you.

Be a lone-wolf and kill people and you 39;ll quickly be discouraged because of being skulled and having to constantly defend yourself, but put yourself in a group of people, now you 39;re cooking....Also, I 39;m going to list some of the benefits of my idea...You know how everyone is wanting FUT Coins this quot;Clan Influence quot; crap? I owned a Player-Owned Kingdom, and I think that 39;s a terrible idea. If you allow a gameplay mechanic to limit the raw PvP, you 39;re going to have 138 39;s teaming up to conquer everything and you will literally never be able to even use the mechanic.

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