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In Path of Exile, having enough path of exile currency is important for players. Because currency items are used to pay for items in player trading. With PoE orbs, you can exchange with other players for equipments, enhance your weapons, armors, duplicate Divine equipments and so on.

In general: play a lot, play efficiently, use the pricing tools, selling tools, and search tools that are available to you. Pick a solid, well-tested build that doesn't need crazy gear just to get through low-level maps. Use a loot filter that will filter out bad items and highlight good ones so you don't waste time or inventory space (I like Neversink, but there are a bunch of good ones).

If you really want to get rich, it's important to play a lot of hours at the beginning of temporary leagues so that you can sell gear to people who are leveling and need a boost. Selling high-end gear is way harder, but you can make a killing with starter gear and leveling uniques in the first few days-1 week of a league.

You can also make a ton of currency just by trading currency all day, but it's incredibly boring and requires a fair amount of capital to start with.

I usually grind a lot first days of a new League, grab some Chaos Orbs from marketplace to get me started, and earn like 500 Exalted Orbs in 2 weeks by just farming Atziri for her loot. Or if you want to just get some extra bucks for playing your favorite game do it on Xbox one - it’s pretty much the same game but the RMT prices for orbs like multiplied by 10 - as long as you can find a buyer , you could earn like 20$ a day just for playing poe casually.

Hope that helps. If you have any questions, shoot them in the comments below!
Topics: poe orbs
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