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With the continuous development of society, various kinds of rubbish have been generated in all walks of life, especially in the construction industry, where more and more buildings are being demolished in recent years, resulting in a lot of construction waste. Construction waste crusher is especially important, which can help better deal with construction waste. Most of them are before the construction waste landfill, or open dumps, if only these it is not a permanent solution, not only pollute the surrounding environment, or a waste of resources. So, what are the methods of building garbage disposal equipment?

First of all, the old wood and wood chips can be reused, and the old wood disassembled on the building can be used directly when the wood is reused. Wood, sawdust and sawdust in construction waste can be used as cover for fuel compost and erosion engineering. The waste wood can be used to produce clay, cement and wood. It has the advantages of light heat conduction and light weight. It can be used as an adiabatic material for special requirements.

Secondly, the old brick and tile can be reused in the construction waste brick and tile after after cleaning can be reused as recycled aggregate concrete, brick and tile construction waste crusher equipment after crushing and screening, cleaning, bedding, for road engineering or indoor floor and floor cushion and hollow block, hollow partition board etc. the production. The recycled aggregate contains a number of cement mortar, which makes the recycled aggregate high porosity and high water absorption.

Once again, metal and steel can be reused. The construction waste crusher equipment will sort metal and steel. After sorting, metal and steel can be sent to a steel plant or a metal smelter for refining.

Then, the old asphalt pavement can be reused, it is through the construction waste disposal equipment, crushing and screening, and recycled aggregate new asphalt material mixing in proper proportion, the formation of recycled asphalt concrete pavement of a certain building, is used for paving pavement surface and base layer or, to use asphalt roofing containing high quality filler, they can replace the cold mix, a part of the hot mix asphalt. Concrete also accounts for thirty percent of the total amount of construction waste, and also has a high value of recycling. After crushing concrete building waste crusher equipment, it can be used for recycled concrete and cement as roadbed materials.

Finally, the above is a brief introduction, building waste can be reused reasonably, it can save natural resources for the national society, and make corresponding contributions to the green environmental protection.
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