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The Singularity! With space and time contorted, you fight ancient beings that got stranded in Wraeclast. Defeat these powerful engineers to fight off the invasion and gain access to a new skill system: Augmentation. This system allows you to combine skill gems into new versions. But beware! These ancient beings can conjure singularities that twist and contort space and time, allowing powerful monsters to come to their aid. Close them before they swallow you whole!

Added 3 new skill gems: Conjure Image, Wall of Mirrors and Time Dilation.

Conjure Image: Allows the player to create illusions, special clones of the player, that scale with player modifiers.

Wall of Mirrors: Place a wall of mirrors that redirect projectiles when hit.

Time Dilation: Create a bubble that slows enemy movement but increases their attack speed inside it. The bubble explodes after a duration, dealing Lightning damage in an area.

Added a new support gem: Vaporization.

Vaporization: Supported skills will store damage dealt as volatile energy that releases into a fiery explosion once the threshold is met.

Monster Balance

Devourer spawn speed increased by 12%.
Plummeting Ursa drop damage increased by 5%.
Act 3 Dominus Touch of God damage increased by 10%.
Act 10 Kitava Firebreath damage reduced by 6%. The area of effect has also been reduced by 15%.
Rigwald Wolf Barrage projectile damage reduced by 13%. There is an issue that causes too much damage dealt. This should compensate for it until we find what causes the issue.
Izaro Windslash base radius reduced by 33%. We are aware of a bug that causes the animation to display incorrectly. This bug has caused a major disruption, so we decided to temporarily nerf it until we can apply a fix. This will be resolved with patch 3.3.1.
Fighting Bull charge speed increased by 10%.
Detonate totem cast time increased by 50%. This is a nerf.

Skill Balance

Barrage is now a channeling skill. It gains an additional projectile per stage and has a maximum of 5 stages. At maximum stages, projectiles pierce targets.
Molten Strike projectile count reduced to 1. Projectiles now deal full attack damage.
Heavy Strike Knockback distance increased by 20%.
Glacial Cascade base damage reduced by 12% at all levels.
Arc now gains an additional 5% chance to Shock on each Chain. No longer has increased Shock Effect.
Arctic Armour Chill duration increased to 1 second (up from 0.5).
Elemental Hit base damage increased by 20% at all levels.
Phase Run base duration increased to 2.5 seconds (up from 1.8).
Volatile Dead base damage reduced by 15% at all levels.

Passive Tree Balance

Master of the Arena Life Regeneration reduced to 0.8% (down from 1%). Now grants 8% increased Melee damage.
Path of the Warrior Armour bonus increased to +20 (up from +10).
Arcane Chemistry Reduced Flask charges used reduced to 5% (down from 15%).
Toxic Strikes increased Poison Duration increased to 15% (up from 10%).
Arrow Dancing now grants 30% more chance to dodge projectile attacks and 20% less chance to dodge melee attacks.
Acrobatics and Phase Acrobatics are now combined into Acrobatics. Acrobatics now grants 30% chance to dodge attacks and spells. 50% less Armour and Energy Shield. 30% less chance to block attacks and spells. The Acrobatic Improvement nodes have been removed.
Soul Raker now grants 1% of attack damage leeched as Life and Mana.
Sniper projectile speed increased to 15% (up from 10%).
Champion of the Cause reduced Mana Reserved increased to 5% (up from 4%).
Heart and Soul maximum Life increased to 10% (up from 8%).

Item Balance

Poet's Pen cooldown increased to 0.5 seconds (up from 0.25).
Bisco's Collar increased item quantity reduced to 20-50% (down from 50-100%).
Dancing Dervish minion speed increased by 10%.
Debeon's Dirge now grants 25-50% increased Knockback distance.
Arakaali's Fang maximum spider limit increased to 30 (up from 20). Chance to trigger increased to 30% (up from 20%).
Iron Heart now grants 5-12% increased maximum Life. Movement speed penalty reduced to 5% (down from 10%).
Character Balance

Inquisitor: Inevitable Judgement critical strikes no longer ignore enemy monster elemental
resistance. Critical strikes now grant the next non-critical hit to ignore enemy monster elemental
resistance. Critical strikes now instead penetrate 10% of enemy elemental resistances.
Slayer: Bane of Legends now grants regular Culling Strike (your next hit will kill enemies at orbelow 10% of maximum Life).


Added The Singularity Supporter packs.
Added Stargazer mystery box.
Added Black Hole Flameblast effect.
Added Cheesecloth Ghost Raging Spirits effect.
Added Frankenstein's Creation Zombie effect.
Added Pumpkin Head effect.
Added Clock Helmet effect.
Added Hourglass Figure Body Armour effect.
Added Tinfoil Hat effect.
Added Tidder Sdrater set.
Added Cyclops Eye effect.
Added Armoured Dragon pet.
Added Little Pony pet.

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