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SCM series ultrafine mill is a new super fine grinding equipment developed by advanced grinding roller technology plus Germany's new technology and combined with nearly 30 years of research and development experience. It is a new ultrafine mill that sets grinding, grading and transporting in one. It can meet the requirements of the customer's fineness and production at one time. The world was berserk.

Ultrafine mill grinding materials can include calcite, marble, limestone, calcium carbonate, talc, barite, kaolinite, dolomite and carbonate and other non-metallic minerals, commonly used in a variety of non metal ore grinding and grading, power plant desulfurization with limestone powder, grinding steel slag micro pulverized coal powder processing and blast furnace system preparation of projects such as large-scale ultrafine powder processing technology, is a large scale construction of non-metallic mineral milling equipment.

The ultrafine mill is mainly composed of motor, reducer, grinding roller device, grinding disc device, pressurizing device, powdering machine, body and oil station. It can reach a very high standard of finished product granularity, one output is D97, one powder can reach 800-2000 orders, and the grain size of the finished product is less than 2 mu m particles up to 70%. Moreover, its production capacity is also surprising, the average production of 5-18 tons, equivalent to 4-5 ordinary micro grinding.
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