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Sand making machine is suitable for the application of production, water conservancy, transportation, building engineering is also applicable to the cement, mining, building materials, metallurgy and other hard material crushing and plastic. Sand making machine is made up of the following parts: into the hopper, blanking, the rotor's total, vortex crushing cavity, the spindle assembly device, motor assembly device, rack, hopper, lubrication system, electric and manual mechanical lid devices, equipment protection device, etc.

In the process of artificial sand production, the following points should be noted:

1. It is necessary to strictly follow the specified particle size to avoid the oversize stone material; Ensure the cleanliness of the feed, avoid the tree root and other ductile debris into the subbody; To avoid excessive wear of the rotor, or to produce an unbalanced impact or to plug the subbody.
2. Remove iron from the feeding conveyor belt, and avoid iron parts and other things into the rotor.

3. In the process of production, reasonable and safe raw material quantity must be gradually mastered.

4. In production practice, the moisture content of raw materials must be controlled scientifically; The raw material moisture is small, the dust is large, causes the pollution environment; The humidity is large, the material is bonded to the sub-body, and the production efficiency is reduced. Meanwhile, the screen of the finished product is easy to paste the mesh and reduce the screening rate.

5. must be based on the physical properties of raw material and the actual production conditions, through repeated practice test of reasonable adjustment system of sand grain size distribution of raw materials, draw reasonable gradation curve, the real do varied from "stone".
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