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There has been a lot of games trying to recreate the goddess that was Diablo 2, and most of them aren't really worth much. Path of Exile is one that has actually managed to take the grittynitty from Diablo 2 and made it something new, and not just a cheap copy.

It's mostly known for it's huge skillmap (which is a passive skill tree), but the game also offers a decent story, fully voiceacted npcs, and challenging content. It can be pretty unforgiving at the start, so peoples first character normally dont make it to the end. But that is exactly what makes it a great game for a mature audience. You need to actually use your brain to create your character and not just jump in and hack'n'slash your way to the end. There is a balance there between skillgems, support gems, passive tree, and sockets in your gear.

This is a game I'll keep coming back to! Keep making new characters and seeing as it evolves, and the game really has changed a lot over the years!

Huge skill map
Great custombility
Frequently updated and balanced
Great Devs that reach out and communicate with their fans
Microtransactions are only skins and bank tabs and don't affect gameplay at all
Certain builds only work if you have specific exotic gear, which means to have X character you need to farm and find gear on a generic build first or buy it through trading websites (which is pretty common)

(But this gives the game GREAT replayability because if you get this unique.. say.. minion master armor drop, you put it in the bank and save it for a future character)
Builds sometimes require research, if you don't do research it's very common for people to do just fine until they hit a wall where they need to grind to overcome (usually at lategame)

Skill tree offers a lot of % stat, % energyshield/health/etc etc, and it's easy to forget that you need hard stats to boost it up which you get mostly from gear, meaning if you're REALLY unlucky with drops, you'll be stuck grinding to be able to move forward.

Selling to merchants is an unique system where there are hidden recipes where if you sell X,Y and A you get B back. There is no gold, just currency items like identify scrolls and so forth. And there is a LOT of loot that drops in the game, knowing what is worth picking up and selling generally requires either dumb luck or.. research. Personally I don't enjoy reading wiki pages on what I need to sell to get value out of my grind.

Path of Exile is a really good game, and if you haven't given it a shot yet, you def should! Don't forget to from to poe buy orbs/, which is the best choice for Path of Exile Currency & Orbs services on the market!
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