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Pandora officially announced via their pandora charms sale today that the new MLB Collection will be in stores this week! Even though the stock photos haven’t been uploaded on the Pandora website, thanks to a couple readers, I’m happy to give a preview of the collection here. These charms popped up on the Pandora iPhone app last evening, and while there were no pictures, there was a description of the pieces including the names of the teams. I reported months ago on the new style Chinese zodiac dangles that will be making an appearance in early 2018, and we finally have a date for their release in the UK.

Pandora 2018 collection is almost upon us, and so this will be one of my last posts covering the Pandora spring releases for 2018! In this post, I’m taking a look at the butterfly and floral motifs that characterised the spring collections this year, and seeing how I can use my new pieces with pandora charms sale clearance to fit the trend. In blog news, I’m sorry for the slightly reduced posting schedule operating at the moment currently life is just very busy and will be until the end of May. Rest assured that I’m still constantly on the look out for news, and continue to update the blog as soon as anything new comes in! Friends forever butterflies, this is my all time favorite charm and one of my first purchases. I love how cute they are together and they make this fantastic tinkling sound on my bracelet. These bring such a smile to my face. Girl, I was wondering if this one was going to be on the list! We saw the other girl dangle lower in the list, so it seems that people prefer the bead style more than the dangles. Boy dangle, same as the girl dangle, this one also comes in a full bodied little boy variety.

Looks like people buy both equally. Silver stiletto, this pandora uk outlet sale comes in the two tone variety, and I still need it for my fairy tale themed bracelet as a symbol for Cinderella. This one has dual meanings for me as I LOVE to buy shoes! Which was a much more robust part of my budget before I started collecting Pandora. Last week, Pandora launched its United Kingdom Flagship Concept Store in London, with a prime spot on Oxford Street. The official launch will be January 25th in the US when we will be able to buy these animal dangles including the serpentine dragon from the Chinese New Year 2018 set.

Since arriving in the UK 5 years ago, a flagship boutique has been a major goal of the company’s as London is one of the fashion capitals of the world. Las Vegas has always been a special place for Pandora and they have a few exclusive charms that are not available anywhere else in the country. It all started with the silver dice charm, then the gold dice and gold money bags. It’s been a while since I wrote about cheap pandora charms and I have to admit that it’s been challenging to wear any type of jewelry since my son has become more mobile and likes to grab things.

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