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Still, the seemingly doomed prospect of building the Tysons portion of the line in a tunnel dominated discussion before today's vote at the Fairfax Government Center. Every board member had something to say before the votes were cast. Not one word was said against the idea of building the rail line in a tunnel, but most board members said they were unwilling to risk the fate of the entire project by dropping out of the federal review process to restudy the underground option..

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For the first time in his career, Melo is averaging more 3 point attempts than free throws, and that gives him a lower floor on a night to night basis than we are accustomed to seeing. Only 18.6 percent of his shots are coming inside of 8 feet this season, the lowest rate of his career by 5.6 percentage points, and by averaging fewer than one offensive rebound per game for the first time in his career, it is clear that Anthony is migrating to the perimeter with the intensity that older generations pursue warm weather. Toss in the trade talks surrounding the Knicks star and there is significant risk here..

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