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Once you start playing Path of Exile for a certain period of time after being attracted by its content and gameplay, you'll have a good time for a moment. However, as time goes on, even though you still like the game, it could become harder to be into even though you go through hardcore and race leagues, as well as other modes of play because all things will disappear with time. We can tell you that many of the people we have spoken to who have come here to poe orbs buy/ are very excited for this, as are we. Is it still worth your time in 2018?

In starting up the game, you’ll find a few classes available that you’d expect in any fantasy game. There’s the crusader (a melee/magic mix), a barbarian class, ranger, and witch, just to name a few. These each have some essential strengths in the beginning of the game, though very quickly it’s clear there’s not a lot of restriction on what you can do in game. Want a Ranger that only uses melee? No problem at all. What about a witch swinging a mace instead of a wand? There’s plenty of that to be had. This discussion will be expanded on in the next section, but for now know that no matter what class is chosen, the world of waerclast is your oyster.

Aside from characters, you’ll also find several leagues which you can enter into. These are more or less how Path of Exile can remain fresh and allow for new users to really get a feel for the game as opposed to many other games where if you’re not in by year 1, you are hopelessly behind. There is the standard league which does not have a reset and where you can have most of your story take place, but there are other leagues which are called “challenge” leagues where refreshes are based on seasons, and feature new rulesets, level resets, and other neat features. If the new rules or items seem popular, they can be incorporated into the main game itself. This is, in my book, a huge plus as it let me go into the game after years of being away, and not being at a gigantic disadvantage.

Now, let’s talk about the environment. Overall, the game is set in a very dark theme. Without sounding too facetious, it makes Diablo look like Runescape in terms of brightness. With a gritty appearance (and might I add, decent graphics for an Indie game), dark soundscape, and enemy as well as combat design that lead to feeling the real weight of the world dragging your character down. While there is some environmental variation based on your travels through the region, one thing remains the same: the feeling that combat and potential death are just around the corner.

Regarding controls, Path of Exile is a rather easy. Regarding most games of this type, I more often than not find mouse-and-keyboard controls cumbersome (blame my console upbringing) and I was a little afraid that I’d be lost in trying to rediscover Path of Exile. As it happens, the control scheme is very easy, being mostly mouse based. There are a few hotkeys, like P for the skill tree, but these are far less numerous than I expected out of the box.

If you're someone who's looking to get into PoE, you can find this journey is interesting. It takes a little effort, but you are doing that by playing anyway. If you share your experiences with other players, it makes things more interesting. We can tell you that many of the people we have spoken to who have come here to poe buy items are very excited for this, as are we. Today we are breaking down these patch notes and sharing some of the coolest things mentioned.
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