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Rare is perhaps the gear tier that most players rely on. It’s not as difficult to obtain as Unique items, and they have much better stats than Magic items. Still, they’re not perfect. Then again, in a dungeon crawler where gear drops and their stats are at random, nothing is. I enjoy Exalted Orbs. It is my favorite currency in PoE.

Exalted orbs/ is quickly becoming one of my favorite orbs. It's just so positive and generous. Practically costs nothing at all you drop him in your stash and that chill ass mofo just sits there and gives a nice golden shine to your currency tab. But more than that the Exalted Orb is just so positive. It drops from a mob like "do you want to get rich?" and I'm like "yeah Exalted Orb i do want to get rich let's do this shit" and when he drops he's like "MONEYS ARE FUN" and I'm like "yeah they are SO FUN." He doesn't say some bullshit macho shit like "I will make you fucking rich" he's just like "nah getting moneys is fun." And it looks so happy. I mean this is an inanimate object literally brought to life by magic. It understands it's life is a temporary magical gift and the dude is just fucking loving it. I mean look at his face he's just so happy. I am literally never sad when Exalted Orb drops. IDK if he's gonna make it into the metagame or not but for now he (or she) a pretty chill orb.

OP gives us a classic example of "Nietzschean affirmation". By saying "yes" to Exalted Orbs, OP asserts a pyramid of values such that an item's strength makes said item's worth inherently higher. An Exalted Orb is "good", per ipsum, and a Good player is one who values Exalted Orbs. Not to delve too deeply into the rabbit's hole, but Nietzsche posited that one sign of the décadence of the age, its moral decay, was the inversion of this table of values. Instead of seeing Exalted Orbs as Good, and a Good player as one who had many Exalted Orbs, this was seen by those Last Men as a sign of moral privation -- having Exalted Orbs was, in this perverted table of values, classified as evil. (Thus Spake Zarathustra, 114) In Nietzsche's metaphor, OP is signifying the transition between the Lion and the Child, a rejection of what is weak to such a degree that weakness is no longer repulsive; it is simply nonexistent. Indeed; it takes a very high IQ to understand OP's post. The humour is extremely subtle, and without a solid grasp of nihilism in the context of Germany in the burgeoning Age of Industrialisation, the joke will go over a typical viewer’s head.

Meanwhile, you should use Exalted Orbs on your Rare item that has less than six affixes. You can use it directly, but the affix your gear will receive is at random, so hopefully, it adds a modifier that’s helpful to your build. If not, then you’ll have to deal with it, otherwise, if you don’t mind playing another game of chance, reroll with a Chaos orbs/.
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