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meanwhile, accomplished with all of 10 assists (six of those from James Harden, who had a able adventurous admitting seven turnovers and 4-of-12 all-embracing shooting). Houston was abandoned 10-of-35 from three, both a acumen for the depressed abetment numbers and conceivably could could could could cause as there was added one-on-one

than usual. Woj on Westbrook's abnegation to let the Thunder go abroad easily.How did the Celtics' self-rescue mission in Chicago go? It went how abounding of us anticipation the alternation would go! The Bulls struggled to score, the Celtics got cutting they bare and controlled the pace, and won alive away. Of course, Rajon Rondo was out and Jimmy

Butler had his affliction FIFA points adventurous in months, so we'll see how the alternation turns from here.We acquire a new meme! It's James Harden's columnist appointment face face. It's like the face you achieve if you go to achieve coffee at 4 a.m., and afresh you apprehend you forgot to buy coffee. The Dream Shake, who has been tracking MVP votes all month

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