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When a cat plays a laser pointer, there are two dangers, but these can be easily avoided. It helps the cat catch the real laser pointer and the first danger he faces is the danger of the laser. An astronomical pointer to a laser pointer usually does not buy more than 5 milliwatts, which will cause the eye to be injured after 10 seconds of eye. The cat's eyes are more sensitive, but there is not enough room for harm. To avoid possible eye damage, avoid insurance and concentrate cats in the eye. Bounce between laser pointer shooting Photons in the mirror several times, was active medium rebound in each step, if their electronic collide with the excitation, will decompose and emit Photons. The process of executing this system produces a large number of coherent photons without delay, which will be explained later. After all, this is almost instantaneous process laser pointer produces a laser beam through a mirror's small aperture.

The cat and the laser pointer, not yet ready to end the long story. In fact, after discovering a lot of video on this topic, we were surprised to find excerpts from the comics. The subject is so simple that a young man decides to annoy his cat with a laser pointer. After a while, the cat put its PAWS on the bright spot where we had a reversal.

Laser Pointers have become so cheap that it's easy to forget that these are small wonders of technology. If you have a laser pointer you can perform some simple but compelling scientific experiments. Learn some education fun with your kids, or relive the passion of scientific wonders. The beam is visible to create a small fog. Because the laser is made of coherent beams, the line moves without scattering or scattering. Unlike a laser film, a true laser can't be seen except reflected by something. To make a powerful laser pointer visible, you can use a cigarette machine as the type of part you can find. Throwing a small piece of dry ice in hot water creates a ghostly haze that looks like a crazy scientific environment, but you must use it in a well-ventilated place. For a low-tech, low-budget solution, you can put two very dusty tables together.

Align the parallel laser mirror and adjust the brightness of the laser beam between them. By carefully adjusting the Angle of incidence, you can "capture" the beams of light reflected from both sides of the accordion pattern from both sides to the other side. The incident Angle is the Angle of the laser on the surface of the reflector. You can use a protractor to measure and see who is equal to the reflection Angle.

Pointers are best used in astronomy or teaching. Some laser designator owners can make unusual through video to develop their equipment In fact, to search through on YouTube, we can quickly find some video, in the video, we can see popup balloon laser pointer to its power. Today is another video, just like unusual, we can find a powerful laser pointer that can light a match by pointing to the end of the game.

The flint laser pointer is a nod to prehistoric times. This 2-level laser pointer uses a discreet black design, which is an ideal tool for meeting or demonstrating animation production. This laser pointer is very simple to operate, just press the red button to activate or not activate the beam. Don't worry about transport, the flint laser pen will attach to your key chain with the attached rope.

A laser designator diffuser is called a laser beam with very specific characteristics that make it different from the usual light source, such as the light produced by the sun or bulb. These emit very divergent light, and the intensity is actually similar in all directions, consisting of many different wavelengths (colors), which give the characteristic color of light. Acontrario, laser radiation is characterized by very narrow wavelength and we talk about monochromatic light. A blue laser pointer can shoot extremely fine beams of light. This means that the beam is very directional, and when it points to a surface, or even a few hundred meters away, that seems like a small point. This powerful laser pointer may pose a considerable risk to the eye. Since it is a single, low-emission beam, the lens focuses much better on the retina of the eye than any other light source, a standard lamp.

AT its gendarmerie continues to struggle with the user of the laser pointer, whose quality is unconscious. Aimed at meeting use, meeting or oral, laser designators help remote use of green light, red, blue or purple highlight items. They sell through the counter, especially through the many specialized shops that are often set up abroad. Some are not allowed in France between 8 kilometers and 15 kilometers. The laser pointer is divided into seven categories. From March 3, their use constitutes a crime, punishable by up to six months in jail and a fine of 7,500 euros. Before choosing a laser pointer, it is important to clearly define what you want to use. The perpetrators were charged with "obstructing air traffic" and "endangering the lives of others".

In guadeloupe, the pilots of passenger or airline flights have filed seven complaints since January 1. Over the weekend, Raizet was a 15-year-old who had the pleasure of a gendarmerie "to take a helicopter, a game, away from security." The teenager was interception, and said he was the only one of his crimes, and he was the absolute unknown risk, which might be present. The beam from a laser pointer can be a different color. It exists in red, green, blue, or purple. Some powerful models can have considerable effects, such as simply pointing the beam to glass. Some people have clever ideas that will last forever.

Use a cheap red laser pen that costs less than 1 mW (a thousandth or a thousandth of a typical bulb) to reduce the risk of eye injury. For school projects, avoid using green high-power laser designators. These are more well-known, but more expensive, almost instantly causing eye damage unless you wear glasses.
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