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How would this game have looked with Steph and IT? I don’t know. Cavs aren’t beating anyone with LeBron playing like this and not running a coherent offense. Maybe IT helps with the offense, but the Cavs will live and die by how LeBron plays more than if Thomas can match Steph’s scoring and ability to run an offense. And we all know about Isaiah’s defensive deficiencies. As for Lue, the nba mt coins was up in arms over playing TT over Frye, in the debacle that led to Cleveland’s 3-24 second quarter. I don’t know how much TT had to do with Jeff Green blowing layups. the Cavs just seemed tight and not themselves. This was probably a good calibration game for getting up for playing real competition. Cleveland has been feasting on weaker teams for the better part of a nba mt coins, and stuff that’s gonna fly versus Chicago ain’t gonna work against teams like the Dubs.

Tristan Thompson is such a conundrum. As was brought up on the live thread, the Cavs have around $80 million in payroll tied up in TT, Shumpert, and J.R. Smith over this year and next. That’s roster killing when Thompson is so limited, J.R. is so consistent, and Shumpert is just plain bad. Moving one of those contracts would be hard. Moving three would be impossible. But you never say nba mt coins. Isaiah Thomas will definitely help. He’ll do things offensively that Calderon just can’t at his age, and Dwyane Wade will stop trying to do everything when he’s on the nba 2k18 xbox one mt. Wade’s much better when he focuses on defense, transition, and making open shotsike he did against the Bulls, than when he’s trying to be alpha.
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