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Frankly, there is no doubt that the referees made an obvious, objective error that negatively affected the Houston Rockets and benefited the L.A. Clippers. Jamil Wilson had already fouled out, forcing Sam Dekker into the lineup, and an 2k mt disqualification would have likely resulted in C.J. Williams subbing in. While Williams has performed admirably for the Clippers this season when called up from Agua Caliente, he had not had nearly the same 2k mt on either end of the floor that Evans had, and he had struggled significantly against Harden where Evans had frustrated, though not stymied, the league’s best offensive talent. I also think there’s a pretty decent case to be made that the game’s result should be upheld, though we should all admit the Rockets were disadvantaged by the referee error.

It seems to me that Houston’s case is pretty straightforward: basketball is a fluid, complex game, and nothing that happened after the officiating mistake happens the same without Jawun Evans. Forget about everything that happened in the 2k mt 3 minutes, and the situation is this: Houston is down 5 with 3:10 left and James Harden, an excellent free throw shooter, headed to the nba 2k18 buy mt. That’s certainly a winnable game for both teams, and while it’s hard to state definitively that Houston would have won if the foul had been attributed accurately, it’s pretty easy to say that the Clippers were advantaged by being allowed to keep Evans in instead of having to put C.J. Williams back on Harden defensively.
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