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The NBA has revamped the way it will choose teams for the all-star game in Los Angeles in February, in an attempt to add some level of intensity to what has become a defence-free exhibition of individual skills rather than any kind of competitive affair. But there is already just a touch of controversy about the process, which will have the top two vote-getters — online balloting started Thursday — act as captains and draft teams from the pool of players. Fans, media and league officials will still choose five nominal starters from each 2k mt, and coaches will vote to fill out the rosters, but 2k mt affiliation will have nothing to do with the final teams. How those teams get chosen is the issue.

A report suggested the league was planning to conduct the draft away from the prying eyes of the media, making it a private affair before simply announcing the teams. That would avoid any potential embarrassment for, say, the final player selected, and wouldn’t hold the captains up to scrutiny for who they chose when and who they blew off. But while the league might have an nba 2k18 buy mt in the regard, a couple of high-profile players wouldn’t mind the draft being televised, or at least done in some public forum. The players and league officials were fed up with the lack of effort in all-star games after the 2017 fiasco in New Orleans, when the West beat the East 192-182. The teams combined for 280 field-goal 2k mt — 122 three-pointers — in a 48-minute waste of time.
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