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NFL | Sporting News Much has been fabricated of the appropriate active aback chic in the 2017 NFL Draft, but teams are even added aflame about the Nfl mobile top-end aptitude and abyss of the bound end class.We adeptness see as abounding as four bound ends go in the top 40 picks this year. Don’t be abashed if this absolute account — the top 10 bound ends in the 2017 NFL Abstract — is drafted aural the aboriginal two days.NFL DRAFT 2017: Apish Abstract | Big BoardTop 10

tight ends in 2017 NFL Draft10. Jordan Leggett, ClemsonLeggett’s assembly got better with anniversary year at Clemson, and he accustomed to be one of abounding accustomed weapons in the Tigers’ activating offense. At 6-5, 258 pounds, Leggett carries his weight comfortably. He is best accustomed for his accepting ability, and while high-pointing the brawl is not his strength, Leggett is not incapable.Once the brawl is in his

hands, Leggett shows a accustomed aeronautics of the Cheap Madden Coins field, as able-bodied as abundant activity and backbone to tack on yards after the catch. He’s not overwhelming, but Leggett shows a alertness and compassionate as a blocker, which will achieve him a able amateur who can play in-line and as a colossal slot.9. Cole Hikutini, LouisvilleWith a abundant absolution off the line, Hikutini can be a vertical blackmail up the bond

with abundant dispatch to accommodate a nice window for the quarterback. He shows a ample bolt ambit with abundant brawl abilities to apprehend a bolt no amount the breadth of the brawl or how able-bodied he’s defended.Even with a perceived attenuate anatomy compared to added bound ends in this class, Hikutini is a constant red-zone threat. His alertness as a acquaintance and accustomed accepting abilities should achieve for a
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