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"Some say vintage is a cult," laughs Laura, "but I think fashion kids clothes it's about being authentic. There's something about buying a hand made craft which makes it special. And the fashions were made to last. "He" would be the talent scout who was foraging for real teenage hoodlums to play fake teenage hoodlums in Sidney Kingsley's Depression era drama "Dead End." At the time, long before Blackwell became a fashion designer and catty critic, he was 14 year old Richard Selzer, a thief and a truant who haunted the streets of Bensonhurst, Brooklyn, a few blocks from the East River. When the scout came across Selzer, he was fast tracking his way toward a future as a racketeer. But then he hit a fork in the road.

My children, definitely. I've always said when you have children you love them, take care of them and give them understanding, and when they're old enough you have to let them go, so I'm not holding on to them at all. I just want them to do their best and then they are going to be the people they are going to be.

But the surprising heart of the supporting cast can actually be found in Elizabeth Banks as the clownishly attired Effie Trinket. She may be the steward of the District 12 Tributes and she may be a part of a ritual that is undoubtedly barbaric, but she genuinely sees herself as something of a mother to both Katniss and Peeta and it surprisingly endearing to watch as she realizes she likely to never see her again. It wonderful work in a role that could otherwise have been lost underneath layers of garish costuming and makeup..

At first, the outside world looms in Fantastic through its stark absence, even though the compound is well equipped and stocked with necessities from that world, including sharp knives, heavy books and bales of mismatched clothes. Ben and Leslie have opted to live in seclusion as a matter of principle, having embraced protest as an ideal. At its loftiest, their profound seclusion suggests that they spiritual and philosophical heirs to an isolationist like Henry Thoreau; at worst, it suggests fanaticism, cultishness, selfishness.

"We're still in the house," he says. "But right now I'm in limbo. I don't know where I'm going to be in 30 days. In a contemporary context, it's really about younger black men who are rejecting this image that the corporate hip hop machine has come to dictate of what it means to be black and masculine. At one point in time, hip hop was very oppositional. It was protest music, it was coming out of urban youth culture.
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