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Construction is absolutely a catchy accomplishment to start, as abounding humans don't apperceive breadth to start! The boxy affair about architecture is, it's a money sink. This adviser will explain absolutely how to start, for levels 1-50.

First of all, you're traveling to charge to appointment any acreage abettor in RuneScape (shown by the red dot).

And buy a amateur abode in rimmington, the amount of this is 1,000gp.

Next affair you're traveling to charge is some planks, some nails and teleport runes.

Ok, I accept my house. How do I akin up?

For this method, you're traveling to charge 40 magic.

First, go to the sawmill arctic east of varrock and buy a saw.

Buying some rings of dueling (takes beneath than 1 ring for 1-19 construction).

Here is an xp breakdown.

From akin 1-19 you're traveling to charge 138 planks and almost 300-400 animate nails (other nails can be acclimated but if you're application brownish or adamant buy some added nails)

From akin 19-33 you're traveling to charge 238 oak planks

All calm this should amount 200k~.

Bare in apperception this is the quickest way, not the a lot of amount efficient. But even the amount able one will still amount about 180k~ so the aberration is negligible.

The way the levelling should be done is this:

Build awkward board chairs until 19 construction

And afresh body oak chairs until 33 construction.

The annual bureaucracy for 1-19 is:

The accessory bureaucracy is:

and any added weight abbreviation equipment.

First of all, teleport to your abode and afresh about-face on architecture mode

Right bang and body in the armchair atom and body a awkward board chair.

Then appropriate click, and abolish the chair. Echo this action until you accept acclimated up all your planks.

Then, use your ring of dueling to go to alcazar wars, coffer and abjure your planks again.

Rinse and echo this adjustment until you accept acclimated up all your planks! Congratulations on 19 construction.

Ok, I accept 19 construction, what agitative being can I do now?

Much the same. But now, afterwards nails and with oak planks! Yay.

Now the annual bureaucracy should be this:

And the accessory setup:

Now, artlessly teleport to your abode already afresh and body oak chairs, repeating the adjustment of building, and removing already again.

Great! Ok. Now I accept 33 construction... what now?

Much the same... the fastest and a lot of amount able way is to accumulate accomplishing the adjustment aloft but this time... with oak larders.

This is all I can anticipate I charge to acknowledgment for a beginners adviser to construction!

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