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Your Samsung Galaxy Note 3 is a large size screen model cellphone and it is not avoidable to damage the screen on daily used. Can the screen replaceable? The answer is positive. Replacement for Samsung Galaxy Noted 3 is available in authorized Samsung store, as well as some professional cellphone refurbishment center. We give you some advices on how to get your Samsung Noted 3 screen replaced here.

How to replace the broken screen of Samsung Galaxy Note 3?

If your Samsung Galaxy Note 3 was dropped on the ground and got broken or cracked, you must be anxious about how to repair it. In today's post, we would like to introduce 2 methods of how to replace the Broken Screen of Samsung Galaxy Note 3.

You can take the first method by replacing the front glass only. Before starting the task, please make sure your screen touch function is still sensitive just glass damaged. You need prepare some tools: Loca UV Glue, Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Replacement Glass Lens, Heat Gun, Plastic Pry Pick Repair Tool, Glue removing Oil, UV Lamp. Remove battery. Keep heating the edge until you remove the broken glass. Do it slowly to avoid damaging the LCD display. Clean the glue on the display by using the oil. Please make sure there is not any dust or glue left on the display. Remove the earpiece anti-dust mesh to the new glass lens and put the home button in the correct position. Put 20-30 ml Loca UV Glue on the LCD display and the new glass lens on the LCD display. Make sure it is in the right position. Now, you just need wait the UV glue filling the whole screen. And then use a UV Lamp to light the screen for 5 minutes.

This first method is complicated, and it has risks of damaging your phone. If you did not do the job before (without skills), we highly recommend you quit the job and buy a LCD screen digitizer glass complete assembly for Samsung Galaxy Note 3 to replace the your broken screen. Because a LCD display with Digitizer glass is a combo, you do not need separate them.

The second method is to replace the LCD Display with Touch Glass Digitizer together. The risk of the second method is much lower. You just need purchase a new LCD Display with Touch Glass Digitizer for Samsung Galaxy Note 3 to replace your broken screen. You can do it yourself or ask your local repair shops for help. It is time-saving, but cost is higher.

Remove battery cover, motherboard, speaker etc. left the LCD screen, and then transfer the old frame from the old screen to the new screen. Last step, assemble all the parts.

Where to have your Samsung Galaxy Note 3 screen fixed?

It is annoying to drop or bump the new Samsung Galaxy Note 3, and find the screen is cracked, shattered or smashed. Also, if you accidentally exposed your Galaxy Note 3 to heat or water, the Note 3 touch screen failed to respond because of the damage to the LCD screen or glass digitizer touch screen. What can you do if you met the damaged Samsung Galaxy Note 3 screen repair problems? Let’s walk you through several solutions to the Note 3 screen repair issues.

Samsung Service Centers Repair: If you think the defective Note 3 with a damaged screen problem should be replaced by the Samsung Service Center, you need to spend money sending the phone to the Samsung repair shop. They will apply a strict inspection process to check if the Note 3 screen is broken by dropping the Note 3 phone or applying strong pressure to the screen resulting in the Note 3 screen breakage.

You should know that the Samsung Service Center may refuse to acknowledge it is their technical defects for the split in the screen if they consider the phone is damaged because of your personal factors. You may have to pay for the Galaxy Note 3 screen replacement and also the shipping fee. It is time-consuming and you will be overwhelmed with many troubles for the Samsung Note 3 replacement. Both smartphone carriers and Samsung Service Center will not cover the repair fee for the damaged Note3 screen caused by accidental damage they consider, such as dropping or bumping the device even though your brand-new Note 3 is under the warranty. Also, you should take into account the time and money spent to have the Note 3 screen repaired.

Insurance Companies: Some insurance companies promise they will cover the Galaxy Note 3 damages caused by personal factors, such as users drop it, spill on it or step on it. So if you have purchased the insurance, you will get your Note 3 repaired for free when you unfortunately crash the Note 3 screens. To be mentioned, you should evaluate if the Galaxy Note 3 is worth the insurance investment and think if you are prone to damage your phone. Also, you need to calculate if the added monthly insurance premium is costly and take the risk, because you may receive a refurbished or secondhand Note 3 when your old broken Note 3 is beyond repair.

The Third Party Repair Shops: If there is a repair shop nearby your home, you may think of taking your broken Note 3 screen to the repair shop claiming they will have your broken Galaxy Note 3 screen repaired soon. The Galaxy Note 3 glass screen, digitizer touch screen and LCD screen are integrated as a whole part and the Note 3 glass screen is hermetically attached. But please be aware that the repair store may charge you the same price or more of the Note 3 LCD screen and digitizer touchscreen assembly although they only replace the Galaxy Note 3 glass lens by special tools.

As conclusion at the end, we suggested you take our advices and take your phone to somewhere professional and reliable. Cellphone Age is an online cellphone market with cellphone screen replacement service. You can certainly trust them because there is professional technology team and full time after-sale service to solve your problems. Samsung Galaxy LCD display touch screen digitizer replacement is available here as long as you land on our website and contact with us.
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