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Using a cellphone case is a good way to protect your phone from break of careless crash. Our iPhone 7 display screen is easy to brake, which needs protection of cellphone cover. There is another problem we concern about on daily use, the battery power of our cellphone. We can’t charge our cellphone outdoors when the battery is nearly dead if we don’t take our portable charger with us. Most portable chargers on the market are large and thick; it is convenient for carrying around. There is a new style of cellphone case, which combines the features of cellphone case for protection and portable chargers to extend the power of your cellphone battery. Here we recommend some aspects of this extended charging cellphone case.

1. Ultra-slim phone case made of TPU and PC material

Designed on the certain size for iPhone 7, this cellphone case is slim on the out shape. Most cellphone covers, especial the silica gal types, are massive and thick. These cases make our cellphone chunky on external look; we don’t like holding a large thick cellphone on our hand all the time. This case looks good and light. As to the raw material, on the other hand, the TPU is soft on touch and the cortical surface design make the case great for use. This keeps the case away from careless drop of slip. The PC material is tough hard and unbreakable, which would totally keep our cellphone in good protection. Seem form the external look, this case is noble and great; it is suitable for business people.

2. 2500mAh capacity, provides 25% power more than your original iPhone battery

There is a 2500mAh capacity battery on the base of the case, which would provide 25% extra power more than your original battery power. Your iPhone 7 battery full capacity may be 8 hours of full capacity, this extra extended power capacity will add up to 12.5 hours of talking times, 8 hours of video displaying or 10 hours of audio for using. This cellphone case is totally lengthened on the working time of your iPhone. There are all kinds of portable chargers for iPhone and other brand cellphones. You don’t have to take a massive thick portable charger with you when going to a long journey trip or outdoors activity if you use this cellphone case, because it is a portable charger.

3. Camera protection design, a transparent shell to protect your camera from friction and scratches

Unlike other normal cellphone case, this case has a PC baffle on the back for the protection of your cellphone camera. This transparent shell keeps your camera away from friction and scratch on daily use. This is important because your camera is used for taking photos and videos of your daily life. We should keep the clarity of the camera before we take photos. Sometimes the accidently scratch and friction is hard to avoid because we usually stick our iPhone inside our bags with some hard sharp goods like keys. This cellphone not only protect our cellphone well, but also keep the camera in good addition.

4. LED light indicator on the back makes the convenience on power running and charging reminds.

There are four small LED lights on the back of the case to show the process of your battery power running. You can check how much power left in the battery by press the bottom on the back. This is convenient for reminding us to charge our cellphone case. The charge couple is the same as our iPhone.

This extended charging phone case is popular in the cellphone accessary market. Here we offer cellphone covers of different styles and model, please check this out on our website and follow us on our blog.
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