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After going through 3 different materials of protective cases for my phone, this one finally satisfied me. The first case I had was a bumper only, and broke the first time i dropped it. My second case started peeling plastic after a hiking trip because of the humidity in my pocket, so I threw that one out. This electroplating PC case I bought from Cell Phone Age com and immediately liked the feel of it in my hand, it's very sturdy and rigid, and I like the edges of the case. I bought it in august 2017 and it has held up multiple trips and many drops since. I've dropped my phone countless times and it still works perfectly fine.

This is my second Joyroom case in the past 2 years (one for the iPhone 5 and one for the iPhone 6). This time I decided to go with the option to add the lock-in screen protector. At first I liked the ease of use and the idea that I could remove it to clean the screen. After time however dust and other debris builds up under the screen protector (in a way that the adhesive ones do not allow). I still love the case itself as it protects my phone from drops and damage. However the screen protector itself leaves something to be desired. Next time I will just buy the PC case and look elsewhere for screen protectors. But this still gets 5 stars because the Joyroom case alone is fantastic and worth every penny.

Such an excellent phone case is very suitable for the iPhone series. Very durable and fits the phone perfectly. Easy to put the phone into the case and relatively easy to remove it from the case, but tight enough that it doesn't pop out when dropped. The cut outs are perfect in size. The buttons for the power and volume are a little stiff when you first get the case, but after a while they loosen up. The case stand is nice, but I rarely use it. A credit card can be used, but the slot for the card is a very tight fit.

Case is exactly as described and came with a "Joyroom" authentication code to verify on the website. Gorgeous case compliments the phone very well. I have the Space Grey iPhone 6 and the Pink luxury case looks great with it. I read a review where someone complained that the color had an unexpected "copper" tone that did not go well with the Space Grey, but mine looks exactly as advertised. Also, I read a few reviews and YouTube reviews who complained of "sharp" plastic corners, but that is not case with mine. It fits like a glove. I had the case for my previous iPhone 5 and really liked it too, but it always bothered me that there was a little bit of movement of the phone within the case like it just didn't fit perfectly.

Now I am planning to order some more pieces of PC cases for my friends. I feel sorry for some of their cell phones get dropped, dumped in glasses of iced tea, falls into the toilet, gets sat on and I'm sure many destructive adventures. The day I ordered this was the day he said he was going to get a new IPhone 6. I knew I had to gift him with a case that would protect his phone as much as possible. This electroplating PC case is a simple design and it seems to be very durable and just what he needed.

When I first got my iPhone 6, before I could buy a case, I dropped the phone from my car to the asphalt, and it cracked the entire screen. Once I got a replacement phone, I decided to try the Joyroom case, since it was very reasonably priced compared to other manufacturers. I have dropped my phone on asphalt, concrete, and tile several times and the PC case has protected my phone every time. I always hated trying to apply the stick-on screen protectors that commonly come with these types of cases, because I always ended up with bubbles or lint under them. With the Joyroom PC phone case and its lock-in screen, I don't have to worry about that. The case easily locks into the case and has kept my phone screen scratch-free.

If you want your iPhone protected from drops, and scratches, then this is the right electroplating PC case to buy. I've had this case a little over 6 months. I bought this case even before I bought my phone. I knew I needed protection for my phone, since I know I would drop it all of the time, because I dropped my last iPhone all the time. This case is great for protecting the back and the camera. However, I suggest buying a screen protector, particularly a Tempered Glass screen protector to protect the front.

Although PC phone case will work with baseball practice, construction workers or samurai, if you're a responsible human being that may have minimal occurrences of it falling from normal distances, it'll get the job done. Now Cell Phone Age is supplying Electroplating PC Phone Case suitable for series such as iPhone 6 / 6s / 6 Plus / 6S Plus.
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