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This green laser pen project was created by someone with a little more common sense because the video begins with a warning to wear safety glasses. The laser body also has a red state LED on the side, so you can know if the thing is activated without pointing the end of your business to your attention.The laser has more than 1 watt of power, which is a lot: just light matches (even from the end of the wood) through a black electric ribbon and put some paper on fire.


Laser Pointer forums have details on this project as well as much more information on how to take harmless and harmless laser pointers and turn them into dangerously fun toys.Modern lasers, electrically speaking, are diodes: they are components that allow the current to flow in only one direction. They work by converting electricity into coherent light over a specific wavelength.

Many "burned lasers" use a 1.1 watt laser diode that emits light at a wavelength of 445 nanometers. The wavelength makes a blue laser light, and the power makes stupid levels of power. (Most cheap laser pointers, on the other hand, are less than a tenth powerful.) Add a lens and can be concentrated enough to put things on fire.But you also need something to contain your diode laser and its battery, and that's where this laser host set is located. This is basically everything you need for your laser pointer 1000mw, with the exception of the diode, batteries and (if you wish) lens.

You do not need to go out and buy a new laser diode: you can also remove one from an old optical drive. DVD burners use more powerful lasers than ordinary CD or DVD drives, and Lightscribe DVD burners have the most powerful, which they probably use to write lettering on the top surface of discs.Some people are consumed with laser beams focused in tight places to set things on fire. This guy went the other way, scattering the beam of a 3000mw green laser pointer so it becomes a powerful flashlight.

Another ambitious and constructive project: This guy built a CNC laser system at home from the internal elements of an old printer, some servos and an unspecified laser diode. It is controlled by software running on an Ubuntu Linux computer, and can be used to cut paper for stencils, engraving wood and cardboard, cutting plastic parts and engraving printed circuit boards.

If your appetite for lasers has been stimulated - and your fear of bodily injury and blindness has not yet occurred - The How To Guy has a detailed guide to making a astronomy laser pointers in the body of a flashlight. This is a step-by-step guide with detailed photos for each step.As the author reminded us: Be careful. Do not use this laser to play with your pets. And do not look at your laser beam!

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