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Beijing on February 16, ESPN author nba 2k17 vc account Marc Stein broke the news, the Knicks star Cameron - Anthony will replace Kevin - Carrefour to participate in the All-Star, the latter because the left knee surgery has been determined to participate in the All-Star Game.

This week, the Cavaliers announced that Le Fu accepted the left knee surgery, is expected to hurt six weeks, which means that Carrefour will certainly not be able to participate in this weekend's All-Star game.

32-year-old Anthony is the 9th All-Star player, and he has been selected for seven consecutive years (2010-2016) All-Star Game, but this year Anthony lost all-star game.

So far this season, Anthony played 34 minutes nba 2k17 xboxone mt per game, can get 23.2 points and 6.1 rebounds and 2.9 assists.
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