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After the opening, the first 1 minute 3 nba 2k17 coins seconds, received a pass from Butler, Gibson jumper. 2 minutes and 12 seconds, De Luo Zanzhe slip the ball, was Butler steals. 9 minutes and 20 seconds, Valan Chunas shot in Portis foul, give the Bulls 2 free throws. The first section of the cruise, the score is 24-18, the Bulls lead 6 points.

Sub-section back, the first 7 minutes and 51 seconds, Lori appeared passing mistakes, was Butler steals. 8 minutes 37 seconds, in Butler's assists, Gibson domineering kid scored 2 points. 10 minutes and 16 seconds, Valanchunas in Butler shot foul, give the Bulls 2 free throws.

The Bulls played smooth with this sectionnba 2k17 mt of the team completed a total of eight assists, which Butler one for his teammates sent 4 passes. Raptors fall into the trap of mistakes, mistakes up to 7 times. Halftime, the Raptors to 39-58 behind.
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