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Beijing time on February 15, with buy nba 2k17 mt coins Doug - McDermott and Jimmy - Butler's play, the Chicago Bulls in the first half once made a 20-point lead, blocked the Raptors in the fourth quarter of the counterattack, the final Beat the opponent with 105-94, made 11 straight for the Raptors.

"We caught their weaknesses," said McDermott, who said that he had scored 24 points and scored 62 percent against the Raptors four times. "It's a great duel for us, Hope to continue. "

Boutler, who missed four games in the past five games, also continued to lead the bulls, almost as long as he was willing, and he would force the other to send him to the free throw line.

"When you shoot 10 of 2, I think the best way to find the free throw line to find the feel," said Butler after the game, "but, in addition to that, everyone has a different way to change the game. Whether it is defense, rebounding,nba 2k17 mt coins passing or making foul free throws, the goal is to win.
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