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Beijing time on February 14, the Bucks NBA 2K17 beat the Pistons, the game despite the letter brother play well, only 8 points, but the two teammates Michael - Beasley and the bench Greg - Monroe play excellent, together Scored 48 points. For two consecutive victories, the Bucks seem to have found a way to win in the absence of Jabari-Parker.

In addition to the offensive gains, the Bucks in the field of defense is also very good, they forced the opponent appeared 17 errors, 20 games for the first time since the opponent score failed to break a hundred.

"The result is not always perfect, but the players are very hard, very enthusiastic, full of flying." Jason - Kidd said.

"Yannis is an All-Star player, and he's carrying the team on his shoulders throughout the season. It's just a little holiday we gave him tonight," Monroe said. He received 25 points and 13 rebounds today, but also the 12th season of buy nba 2k17 mt coins the individual double.
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